Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tunesday- Death Cab For Cutie

I almost had a double murder happen in my house this morning.  Both my dogs decided to be assholes and make some sort of mess during hte night. Tobi decided it would be fun to eat a pillow case and a red fleece blanket, along with shit (yes acutall poop)- then throw it up. Luigi decided it would be fun to have a pissing contest with himself and pissed all over the hardwood floor. Let's just say I was not a happy camper this morning. Nothing like cleaning regurgitated shit and piss to make the morning bright!

So, in order to not freak and kill someone on the road I pulled out my huge CD binder from my trunk , and I'm in the habit of just pulling out a CD at random and forcing myself to listen to that one. I guess in a way to see why I took the time and effort to burn the CD, make the mix, what have you. I have come across a lot of shitty mixes and bands that I have no idea why I liked at one point. Then there are some hidden gems, some forgotten melodies that just resurface.  One of these is Death Cab For Cuties- Transatlanticism. 


I completely forgot how great this CD is. It totally brought back memories of a younger university days.  I can't even pick my favourite song. From The Sound of Settling, to the title track. All good. I just saw on Buzzfeed that its the 10thth year anniversary of this album! Go me for timing! This list is all abouthow this album is full of gems that make you cry, and its totally is. I remeber driving around in my car just bawling like a little emo kid... before emos were deemed a thing.
15 Death Cab For Cutie Lyrics That Made You Cry Yourself To Sleep

Do yourself a favour and go back and listen to it. Or play the pick whatever CD you grab and listen to in its entirety.
"So this is the new year.
And i don't feel any different.
The clanking of crystal
Explosions off in the distance (in the distance).
So this is the new year
And I have no resolutions
For self assigned penance
For problems with easy solutions
So everybody put your best suit or dress on
Let's make believe that we are wealthy for just this once
Lighting firecrackers off on the front lawn
As thirty dialogs bleed into one
I wish the world was flat like the old days
Then i could travel just by folding a map
No more airplanes, or speed trains, or freeways
There'd be no distance that could hold us back.
There'd be no distance that could hold us back 
So this is the new year " - 


And on that note I decided I am going to start re-watching The OC. I mean Seth is awesome, as was mentioned in Buzzfeed not once, but twice.  He really was the best part of the show!

26 Reasons We Should All Be Exactly Like Seth Cohen

He has great taste in music.


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  1. I love Death Cab for a Cutee!