Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekly Re-Cap numero five-o plus Tuesday Tunesday

I realize this is a little late, but I have a good excuse- it was Thanksgiving!!! I was too busy eating turkey and drinking wine that I didn't get a chance to flip open the ol' MacBook.

With Thanksgiving came cooking and it was G and mine's turn to host for my family. We decided to do things a little different and we deep fried the 22lb bird! It was SO good. If I knew how to give out samples via the internet I would.   The rest of the meal was also pretty fantastic!

What else is new though? Well me and my hubs fell into peer pressure and booked a trip to CUBA!!!!!!! That means I have one month to get in shape!

Books I've Read This Week: Berlin Wolf by Mark Florida-James, Hyperbole and A Half by Allie Brosh and Intelligently Designed by Edward Caudill

I'm Reading: From A Dead Sleep by John Daly

The importance of reading.

On the Blog:
-Walking Dead is back on the air!
-I made a delicious One Pot Chicken Risotto
-I did a compilation of book reviews and partook in the WWW meme. The book reviews include: A Perfect Mess by Zoe Dawson, Lady by Thomas Tryon, What The Dog Knows by Cat Warren and Diary of Brad de Luca by Allesandra Torre.
- One Book, One Calgary is coming to town and presenting one of my fave authors!
- Tuesday Tunesday brought you Pompeii by Bastille and Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth
-And another book review of Broken Beauty by Chole Adams

Through the Internet World:

- The lovely Books, Tea & Me nominated me for the Versatile Award. This made me more happy than it should, but I don't care, First award bitches! I will pass it on very shortly! ( once I know the proper etiquette)

-Jimmy Fallon did it again with Mean Tweets:
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves: Music Edition

-The Glee episode where they say farewell to Finn Hudson aka Cory Monteith was on. And boy was it a tearjerker....

- Buzzfeed made a list of  45 Times Harry Potter Fans Lost Their Cool A The Movie Theater, and well kudos to whoever made that list. So true! 
45 Times Harry Potter Fans Lost Their Cool At The Movie Theater

And because it's TUESDAY! Here is my song of the week,  dedicated to G!

Macklemore- And We Danced!

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