Sunday, October 20, 2013

You Annoy Me

I like lists. So here's another one. It wasn't brought on by anything other than seeing this picture on the Berry.

5 Things That Irritate Me About Guys
1)      Their insane ability to snore on their back, on their side, on their stomach. To snore through continuous kicks and arm punches, through me yanking the pillow from under their head, to me fake snoring obnoxiously beside them. Amazes me. But OH so irritates the shit out of me.
2)      That they sometime smells like fart
3)      When they think that taking out the trash or putting the dishes away means cleaning the whole house. Or not seeing that the house is dirty and just start cleaning instead of being asked to help out.
4)      That they can eat, eat and eat and not gain any friggen weight.
5)      And when they decide to try something new, they are automatically a pro at it.

5 Things That Irritate Me About Gals ( I may be guilty of all these things…may)
1)      How extremely judgmental we are. Don’t say that you aren’t. If you are a female reading this, 100 to 1 you are judging me at this very second.
2)      The way we can find a way to complain about everything and anything.
3)      How we would rather get mad inside our heads then just speak out and say that we are actually in fact mad.
4)      That no matter the size of ones waist, we will always think we are fat. And will talk about it to the person beside us, not realizing that we are probably smaller than them and insulting them without even realizing.
5)      How some people can just do there hair and make-up so damn good!

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