Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cute Animals!

(my ever organized self pre-scheduled some cuteness for ya all)
 Sooooo cute (30 photos)

 I equate cats with sneezing but these lil guys are worth the Kleenex (19 photos)

mc random 264 Morning coffee (39 photos)

 Sooooo cute (30 photos)

 - THE WORLD'S CUTEST BABY ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHS BROUGHT TOGETHER FOR NEW CHARITY BOOK..These adorable images of the cutest baby animals born in zoos around the world have been brought together for a new charity book...The photos were hand chosen by zoo keepers on three continents who were asked to provide their favorite pictures of their new arrivals...They feature young penguins, tigers, orangutans, pandas, elephants, aardvarks, owls and otters - some only minutes old...The young creatures are seen in their first moments alive with an hilarious array of facial expressions and tentative first steps...They were all born in the last eighteen months in zoos and aquariums around the world including America, Canada, Australia and Europe...Each photo was chosen by the zoo and submitted to - a website which chronicles new births as they happen at over 150 zoos around the world...The website attracts a million viewers a month and they have now published two books - ZooBorns and ZooBorns for young children - which bring together the very best and cutest animal photos...In one picture, an orphan baby sea otter is seen swimming at Monterey Bay Aquarium In California...Another shows Menari, a one-year-old orangutan, arrive at New Orleans Zoo while Rooby the red kangaroo is nursed at Assiniboine Park Zoo, Canada...Mali, an Asian elephant, is seen at Melbourne Zoo while Tahina the lemur is hand raised at the Musee de Besancon Zoo in France...Cute Bengal tiger Durga is pictured at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Bay and a pair of cute red pandas look like a giant fur ball at Edmonton Valley Zoo in Canada...A clouded Leopard Cub is caught on camera at MusŽum National d'Histoire Naturelle in France and Hasani the Western Lowland Gorilla looks a little confused at San Francisco Zoo...ZooBorns was started by Andrew Bleiman, an animal expert who serves on two zoo boards, and Chris Eastland, a classically trained artist and photographer...Andrew said: ''The website

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