Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm Back! Weekly Recap!

I am back from Cuba!

And we came back to -27 weather, blizzard, snow, shit. Yesterday I couldn't even back it to work because there was so much snow that my little golf couldn't plow through it. And I probably should have written this update yesterday, but I figured "that's what's work for". And speaking of work- I was gone for a week and a bit, you'd think there would be a lot of catch up for me to do. Nope. Done everything.


Cuba was great. And I'll post a few pictures once I get them from my fellow comrades.  (my camera unfortunately decided to stop being waterproof on Day 1- thank god we had multiple cameras among us nine!)

The flight was long, mainly because the plane had the shittiest seats ever. Anyways, we arrived in Varedero at 4am and the party started.

The main points:
- rum punch and mojitos = delish!
- food, while it wasn't something to write home about, wasn't horrible. Kinda bland, and the same (being at an all inclusive resort, the buffet gets tiring)
- Cappuccino's
-Went to Havana for a day, the bus ride there I am sure we all experienced a slight amount of carbon monoxide poisoning. Stopped at Revolutionary Square, then finally made it to Old Town Havana, which we only had about 20 minutes to spend there. This was a disappointment, as we all just wanted to wander and explore, but we had the worlds worst tour guide. We did have an amazing meal though!
- Loved the old vehicles!
- Went on a jeep safari tour, and first thought we thought this all meant off-roading in the jungle. Nope, it involved a caravan of "jeeps" driving us around. It was super fun though to drive through some of the country side, seeing the culture and people of Cuba. On this tour, we had a boat ride and we stopped at a cave to jump into a fresh water pool. Unfortunately because it was raining/windy we couldn't snorkel.  We stopped at a local farm too and got to try all of their local fruits and sugar cane (SO sweet!). When we stopped for lunch, which was a traditional Cuban fare, we got to wander around and look ina local man's house (so modest) and he made us some espresso/coffee. OMG, I have never tasted coffee as good and potent as that! Another highlight of this tour was driving aruond, all the little kids ran out and started waving, and we stopped every once in awhile to give them presents (skipping ropes, bubble gums, etc). Just the look on their faces could melt even the coldest hearts.
- Went on a catamaran tour as well. It was pretty windy at first, but it turned into one of the nicer days.  My morals were broken though. Part of the tour featured swimming with the dolphins, and I am so adamantly against this. But I ended up doing it anyways. I kinda hate myself a little for not standing up to my beliefs more. But, its done and I figured I already was supporting it as I paid for the tour. And after that, I drank up. We stopped at the most gorgeous beach too.
- Pool Bar and hot tubs are dangerous, but also the most fun way to drink.
-  Toured around Varedero for an afternoon. Tried out a few restaurants, got drunk on the beach, stepped in a cactus while peeing in the bush, you know the usual.
-Unfortunately it rained the majority of our trip, and only really had 2 nice beach days- so the tan is lacking, although my hair is back to blonde. Thanks sun!

All in all it was a fantastic trip. Everyone that went were amazing and we had such a good time, laughing and having some of the best conversations I've had in a while.

Now it's time to detox!


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