Monday, November 4, 2013

Hair Chameleon... and weekly re-cap

The biggest thing that happened this weekend was this:

 And because of the bad lighting in the first picture, it was me going from blonde, back to my "natural" hair colour.   (I apologize for the horrible pictures)

And it got me thinking, I really should try and be my natural hair colour for a while. I mean, it may help the strands from not falling out.   And now I will inundate you with pictures of all my hair colours of the past few years...

red (on the right)
My hair decided to go orange in Thailand
light brown- probably the closet to the real hair

black for the wedding

Enough pictures of myself. sorry about that. I am digging this natural hair color right now, but I think my heart belongs with the black hair...

What else did I do this weekend? Not much! It was snowing like crazy! So it made being lazy and unproductive. I did manage to do some laundry, bake some pumpkin and chocolate chip cookies (nummy) and pumpkin muffins (yuck),  worked out,  and watched Season 1 of Dawson's Creek. Ohh, and we also celebrated something at the Calgary Tower restaurant, Sky 360. It's been a place G and I wanted to try out for a long time, so I'm glad we finally decided it. They had the best pumpkin bread pudding!!! And to top of the date we went for martini's and an impromptu art gallery! A great date!

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On the blog the past week:

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With the end of the month comes a review of everything I read and what I want to read...

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Around the blogosphere:

I love these T-shirt from Buy me Brunch, that HonestlyWTF featured.

I'm very intrigued on the Focus T25 that Follow the Ruels presented. Its from  Shaun T, the same guy who brought you Insanity!

I laughed my ass off on The Other Juliette and her post I Just Want to Be A Wizard. All you HP fans should read this, as we can all relate.

There was a post on Affordable Treats, where she talks about emptying a product. And I absolutely can relate to this. I mean, I love hte feelign where you squeeze the last of the lotion out. It makes me feel accomplished ( maybe I should raise my standards...)

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  1. Stopped by from the weekend update.
    Your weekend sounds amazing. I wish I could get a date night with my husband. But sometimes it like pulling teeth.

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