Sunday, November 3, 2013

Running Rant

I get it. Running is great. Running is awesome. Its therapy. Its the best way to lose weight fast. blah blah fucken blah. The propaganda is everywhere!

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well fuuuuck....
I just don't like it. I try, I really do.  I mean, I see brontos running and they seem to not be struggling, so why can't I? And I mean my hubs didn't run for 14 years and ran 14km one day, just because. (this really pissed me off in a jealous way--- love you!). Maybe this is why I can't stand running, because everyone else makes it look so easy and then...theres me...

da mo 122 Daily motivation (25 photos)

I try all the time to go on the treadmill and try and bust out 20 minutes, but after 5 minutes I am 1 of 3 things.
1) Bored out of my freakin' mind
2) dying because my shins are deciding to murder me.
3) Wondering when I can stop and call it a 'good' calorie burn

Then I try every once in a while to run outside. But I swear, after like a block the same 3 thoughts are entering my mind. Plus I'm pissed off that my dogs are so freakin' stupid that they can't figure out how to run on a leash.  (and yes, I know people are going to say- run without your dogs, but here is my rebuttal for that...why would I run for an hour, 20, 5 minutes only to have to go back home to walk my stupid gremlins)

In conclusion:

Not everyone is a runner.

and I really want to be, but it just ain't gonna happen.
So what are some other good cardio activities that doesn't involve running?

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