Sunday, November 10, 2013

Live a Kick Ass Life

This post is inspired by me finishing "52 Ways To Live a KickAss Life' by Andrea Owen which I received on netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
I'm not going to bore you with a review of a self-help book ( I do recommend it because she writes in a very straight forward bullshit free kind of way but not too preachy preachy), but it did bring up some very good points that I want to share.
- Create a list of your values. Score them of importance. What makes you happy?  How is one aspect more or less important than the other? What can you let slide?
- Listen to your intuition…Listen to other people when they talk. Just listen.  It's amazing what you will hear.
- Get rid of friends who make you feel like shit. You aren’t responsible for their happiness.
- Say fuck you to fear. Things might fail, but things might not….
- If you are a people pleaser, learn that you can't do everything. Some people are going to be upset that you say no, but ultimately it’s you who are sacrificing your own happiness. There is a motto she uses that I love, if it's not a hell yes, it's a hell no!
- For those chronic apologizers- Don't apologize for things that you don't give a shit for. This is so true to us Canadian folk, I mean I apologize for someone if they walk into me... really?
- Stop with bashing your body. No one is perfect. Photoshop is running rampant that we (especially ladies) have such a hard time coping with reality and knowing what is considered attractive/skinny enough. I'm horrible for this. I compare myself physically to everyone and I know I just need to get to the point where I realize that I don't need to compare and I can just be happy in my own skin.
- Stop comparing yourself to others. I don’t know their inner demons. I have NO Idea that their dog may have just been hit by a car and hence acting shitty to me. We've all had bad days.. which brings me to the next point.
- Stop having a pity party. Shitty things happen. Be sad. Move on. Don’t hold grudges. They don't do anything but hold you back:
“You are creating your awful feelings by tolerating your own decisions”
-Tell people your dreams, goals, once they are out there it makes you more accountable to actually do something about them. ( I know his is scary because what if you say something and don't do it and then your friends are all well you never do anything you say---maybe prove them wrong?)
Which got me thinking about my pseudo –wannabe jewelry career. I loved making it, I even loved it more when I was getting paid for that. Yes, its not a huge money maker, but I was happy. I liked being creative. ( I mean, I loved being able to be at home in my yoga pants all day and be free schedule wise) and I didn’t have this constant hate on. I loathe coming to work every day. And it’s not the actual job part. It’s the title of the job that I can’t get into a zen mode in my head. (Which is bullshit as because I shouldn’t care what other people think.) But after spending 5 years in university and getting 2, TWO, degrees, I feel like I am worth more than being a secretary. No offense to all the secretaries out there, but I'm just not the right personality type for this job! But I digress, I want more. I don't want to loathe going into a job every morning in hopes to suck it up for another 8 another point the book mentioned was to tell at least 5 people of your dream.
I think I have at least 5 readers of this blog so here it goes:
I am going to kick start Twelve:TwentyThree again. Let the creativity juices flow. I am going to put effort in it, let it really take form this time. I will have it up by the time 2014 rolls in! (and don't you worry, I’ll blog about it!)
And the take away message...
Be you! Be unique. Don't cater to everyone else. Not everyone is going to like YOU and that's perfectly okay! Take chances. Things aren't going to change if you don't put in the effort!

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