Saturday, December 14, 2013

Drugs and Alcohol.

 I was asked recently about my views on alcohol and drugs and well here is my response...

I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I don’t think it’s a good thing. Moderation is key-what a fuck up cliché-but I’m using it.
I’ve been known to go over my fair share of allotted drinks in any given night. Hell, I don’t’ remember a good chunk of my university party nights because of guys like Johnny, Jose and Jager and more recently Mr.Absolut-Soda. And I’ve also been known to sleep (ie-pass out) with my face on the toilet bowl throwing up praying to the porcelain gods to make me feel better, swearing I will never ever let alcohol touch my lips again! I also don’t think any of these experiences have made me a bad person. I’ve learnt my tolerance (not that I really "learn" to listen to this at times), I learnt my embarrassment threshold, and hell I had fun doing it.
I’m also all for people to just not want to drink. If you don’t want to that’s awesome and I 100% support your choice (and I do truly mean this). Don’t make me feel bad for wanting a beer and I won’t make you feel bad for wanting a pop. And a side note, just because I don’t want a glass of wine at dinner does not mean I’m prego!
On the flip side, I do think that people who continuously drink, who gets upset when one tells them not to have another glass do need to take a step back and look at why they are drinking so much, do they really actually do need help to break the addiction? Dependency on any one thing alone isn’t healthy, and the effect that continual and over usage of alcohol can lead to ones body isn’t good either.(this goes for drug usage too)
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As for age limits I think they are stupid. Look at Europefor example. There isn’t really one, or if there is they don’t abide by it very strictly. But, you also don’t see a bunch of 10 year olds passed out in the street or dying from alcohol poisoning. Then look at the good ol’ US of A where the legal limit is 21. Are you fucking kidding me? You can get married, vote, go kill people in a war, get legally tried as an adult, but you can’t have a freakin shot of tequila? Where is the logic in this? Look at the stats of university and the number of alcohol related deaths and addictions. Binging is running rampant. Why? Because when you have the drinks available to you you’re going to drink your face off whenever you can, especially when you can’t depend on buying them yourself.Canada, wellAlbertaat least is 18 years old. I guess it’s fair. You’re an adult now. Makes sense you can have the legal choice on if you want to drink or not. However, there is still a high rate of binge drinking here. Hell, I binge drink every other weekend. So really do age limits help?
Second up, drugs. (This may be skewed as I’m currently watching a lot of Breaking Bad )
What exactly constitutes a drug? Whatever the majority think are bad at a given time. There was a time when shrooms were running freely, grandma’s planted marijuana in her garden, meth was sold over the counter, cocaine was in coke, so why the sudden change into all drugs are bad drugs? Now pot is making its comeback, sure it may be considered a gateway drug to harder more intense drugs. And this may be true. But I also don’t think if some kid smokes pot he is automatically going to try meth the next time.And really do you see many potheads who are even capable of committing a crime other than robbing a snack shop? Truthfully, while I know there are a lot of drugs out there, some I’ve tried, some I wouldn’t say no to, some I’d stay a long ways away; I only really find one acceptable. That being pot. It may be because I was naive to all the other ones growing up. It may also the one that I find the safest. Its relatively safe, never usually laced with anything to harsh, and its natural. . I think all the other chemically created drugs are what people should be concentrating on when they want to fight the war on drugs.
I think people need to experiment within reason. People need to learn what there body can handle, what it is capable of (this also goes for alcohol), and so forth. People also need to learn from their mistakes. I get that sometimes your one stop drug try-out may also be your final mistake. I think people also need to forgive those who have dabbled in drugs too. We all have low time, we all have succumbed to peer pressure at one point in out lives, so don’t shit on somebody just because they sniffed a line. I also wish people would also try harder to rehabilitate themselves or have people step into their lives and ‘force’ them too. If I start having scabby face syndrome then I hope someone cares about me enough to tell me to stop.
The penalties for drugs should also be mentioned. I fully support that selling and trafficking drugs is illegal and there should be fines. I do not agree however that the same fine can be given for being in possession of one joint is the same as having a pound of crystal. I also don’t think its constitutionally fair or logical that someone who rapes a child can get off on a lower sentence than some pothead. I don’t really know where else to go with this… but there ya go…
 Cheers! Don’t drink and drive and don’t do drugs. Be Safe. 

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