Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's My Birthday!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom!

and to me!

31 Things Only "Breaking Bad" Obsessives Will Find Funny

I saw a while back on buzzfeed a post about why December birthday sucks.

And you're the most wonderful person. Happy December birthday.
While mine is still not super close to Christmas, it's still  December plus I share it with my mom (Which sucks more for her). Here are some of the points I agree with:

- You get a combo present and card. One big birthday/Christmas present. If my birthday was in July you would get me a card for my birthday and a card for Christmas- same with presents. This was especially true before I got married too, our anniversary was December 23rd, so 3 presents (usually combined) instead of 3 dispersed throughout the year. Don't get me confused with being greedy though!

- I have to make list of what I want throughout the entire year.

- You get Christmas decorations for your birthday! AWW thanks! Just what I want!

You have to save up a list of what you want all year. Hopefully your dream present doesn't come out in February, otherwise you will be waiting 10 months.
- All my big celebrations come in one month, I have nothing to look forward to the rest of the year.

- You have to spend time with your extended family more than your friends. And if you can get a chance at having a party, a select few can make it. Damn Christmas parties! Again, you end up combining everything!

- Having a December birthday also meant that I always had finals around this time, and no one wants to get shit faced when they have an exam the next day.... or it's ill-advised too.

But, it's okay! You can't choose your birthday and I still feel absolutely special on the day!


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