Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Drive Safe my friends!

Well. Yesterday was interesting.

As I was driving home yesterday, I witnessed something that I care to never see again.  The fatal crash on deerfoot.  I was debating on going to the mall or going home, just before I passed my exit, I was like I should just go home, I have the day off on Wednesday I can go to the mall then, then I was like, naw just keep going, the roads are bad but I only have 5 minutes more. Anyways, I kept going, passed a semi- who was going about 60km/hr (the speed limit is 100 but on a snowy icy day most were going 80), then I started to see cars start skidding. I started to skid. Then a minivan started skidding and just like JUST about hit me and ended up hitting the median. Then I had to do some careful driving maneuvers so I could dodge parts and not end up getting smooshed by the semi-truck beside me.  Me and my car were thankfully left unscathed, but when I looked in my rear view mirror (only about 10ft behind me) I saw a body laying on the middle on the road. My first thought was (as I drove past the mangled minivan with a missing back window) that someone flew out of the window. And instantly I knew he was dead.

When I made my way home and checked the news, I found out that the man on the road wasn't a passenger but another man who got struck by the minivan. And he succumbed to his injuries. 

I was so close to being part of the mess, if I was an inch over to the left, the minivan would have struck me too and who knows. That's what makes this a really weird feeling. Hard to imagine that I was there when it happened and am thankful that I was 3 seconds earlier in the line of traffic.

Shaken up is the only feeling I can use to describe it.

Lesson: listen to your intuition.

Prayers, thoughts, good wishes goes out to all who was affected. I can't even imagine what they are going through so close to the holidays.


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