Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Everything I Needed to Know About Parenting I Learned in Prison by Leslie Nelson

Everything I Needed to Know About Parenting I Learned in Prison

  When Leslie Nelson, a naive, small town girl got a job as a prison guard, her friends called her a female Barney Fife. But that job turned out to be a unique on-the-job training for motherhood. This non-fiction short will take you inside the prison and share tips on how to avoid riots in your own home.

Leslie is the mother of five children (three teenagers, heaven help her!). Her youngest is seven so "parole" is a long way off. - goodreads

Well this book wasn't what I was expecting at all. Again, fooled by the cover and the title. I failed to read the synopsis when I requested this book- so I was expecting this book to be written by an ex-convict and to have a more humourous vibe to it.

While it wasn't bad, it wasn't good. I think she presented very good points on how to raise your children. Giving an example from prison and relating it back to kids.  All points pretty much being based on positive reinforcements.

And I also fall into the age ol' debate of 'well you don't have kids so how can you possibly know anything about them or how to raise them'....However, while reading it I kept thinking.... you must have perfect angels as children if you feel you can write a book on how to raise them.... but thats just me.

I was also suprised at how short it was which translates to a quick self help read.

Would I recommend it? No, I don't think so.

2.5 rounded up to 3 stars

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