Saturday, January 11, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Filly Girls: Chasing the Dream by Sarah Voskamp

Imagine having your dream become a reality, yet the outcome wasn't what you expected it was exactly the opposite. What would you do? In chasing their dreams, Ellie, Felicity and Sandra overcome tough challenges with pure determination. In this delightful story about three horseback-riding best friends, Ellie learns that not all dreams come true the way you expect them to. These three young girls learn what it means to go after their dreams and then live with the outcome even though it might not be what they expected. Yet no matter what happens, they will be together, forever and always, chasing their dreams - goodreads

Filly Girls: Chasing the Dream
So the girl who wrote this is like 10 years old....and well it reads exactly like you would expect a 10 year old short story to read like.

I mean good for her for getting a book published so young, (rich parents doing the self publishing route maybe).... But come on, enhance your craft a bit more...

I feel that everyone is giving this book high ratings because of the fact that she is a young author. I however didn't know that until I started reading it, so the brutal review is going to happen. And I'm sorry if the author happens to read this, but gotta learn critique sometime.

The story is a very typical short story that your grade 3 teacher teaches you to write. A beginning, a middle where a problem is presented, the main character solving problem, happy ending.

It was boring. It was dry. I couldn't give two shits to even finish it. The story would be good for kids of similar ages, but come on Harry Potter was written for 10 year olds to and really...

I gave it one star though because I'm not a complete heartless bitch.

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