Monday, January 6, 2014

it's gonna hurt tomorrow.

13 Problems Only Uncoordinated People Understand

Well... its that time again. Time to get rid of my champagne flub and start back on the healthy lifestyle. It was one of my resolutions for New Years, but I felt like I couldn't start midweek (see excuses already) so today is the day.

Ever since I've come back from Cuba I just haven't worked out, well once I did yoga fusion and it nearly killed me.  Then Christmas. Then the obligatory drinks and Delicious foods available. Yup. Probably gained back everything I lost prior Cuba.

Oh wait I did... (I just checked on the scale).

So, I'm going to be documenting my journey in this lovely little fitness journal courtesy of Blogilates.

I originally got it to start her December fit challenge, but with the mail being stupid I just received it about a week ago.   I like the idea of writing it out, making me more accountable for things I eat, what I actually do to work out, things like that.
Wish me luck!

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