Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh hey, its snowing...AGAIN.

I'm semi-healthy again. Maybe like 90%!

17 Things You Should Know Before Going To Mars
This weekend was pretty exciting. Between sleeping and watching TV/movies I did nothing.  Yet I still feel compelled to write a weekend update post... weird.

Movies I watched:
- Blackfish, MissRepresentation, Wolf on Wallstreet, Frozen, The Book Thief

TV I watched:
- Californication, Hell on Wheels, Dawsons Creek, The Carrie Diaries

I also think there's more...  sad hey?

Having strep throat and the flu(which I think was actually H1N1) was not fun. I do not recommend having them both at the same time. But with the miracles of drugs I am back.

I was actually pretty bummed to get sick, not just for the obvious reason. I mean, who actually likes getting sick? But because last week I actually started my New Years get back in shape plan. I worked out hard on Monday and Tuesday, then couldn't do anything and probably still shouldn't for a few more days...  (so on top of being sick, my abs and thighs hurt so much). 
But that being said I am super mildly excited to get back at it.

On the blog the past week:
(somehow/sometime little productive me pre-scheduled a bunch of posts... look at me being all proactive)

- Some sweet photos of big animals.
- Book Review of Filly Girls by Sarah Voskamp
- Detox Water recipe - Apple Cinnamon the best kind
- Then I complained about my flu and my black eye (which is healing very nice by the way)
- An Inspire Me Blog post challenge about Random Acts of Kindness
- A book review on Nicholas Sparks' Nights in Rodanthe

 That's all I feel like writing today folks as looking out the window staring at the snowstorm blowing in is making me depressed......

more tea.

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