Saturday, February 1, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Goody Two Shoes by Laura Cooper

Goody Two Shoes 

Living by the imaginary rules she grew up with, prim and proper Tara Townsend is entrenched in a life that is, to say the least, not quite what she imagined. She gave up on the fantasy of a romantic life with her husband long ago, and now seems content to sit around the pool and complain about men with her lifelong friend Patty. That is until the day Patty shows up sporting a brand new tattoo and attitude to match.

It’s hard enough being best friends with the prettiest girl in town, but this is too much. And the hits just keep on coming when she finds out that Patty’s impending divorce is ‘off.’ Struggling to fight through the jealousy, Tara’s skeptical mind is tested as Patty reveals that her transformation is the result of her ‘breaking down’ the rules that have governed her life.

Tara’s new mission is to reenergize her loveless marriage and learn to enjoy all life has to offer, even if that means stepping outside of her ‘comfort zone.’ With Patty by her side, Tara embarks on a sexual journey to rediscover life, love, lust, desire.

Tara’s introduced to Jonathon Galloway, a successful businessman and leader of the exclusive club. Here she agrees to test the waters, and the boundaries of her life.

Find out just how far Tara is willing to go, and whether or not she saves her marriage! - goodreads

Well that's a long winded synopsis, but really summarizes it very well.

Tara is the prototypical southern girl. Prim, proper, wont' do anything out of line because 'momma said no'. And heaven forbid you sin and have to confess that you a grown women (who is married) loves sex and wants it.

This book remind me of The S.E.C.R.E.T in the sense that the women is older (50 range), feel a dullness in her sex life (or lack there of) and wants to do something to rectify that. And what's the best way to do that other than joining a secret sex club.

(side note: do these really exist? and if they do I wonder if I'd actually be interested in them... I mean they sound great to be all uninhibited and free sexually...but ya....)

Anyways, Tara after seeing how free and revitalized her best friend Patty is and suspecting that her husband is cheating inquires about this new Patty. Turns out Patty is part of a club called "The Tramp Stamp" where they basically teach wife's how to be sluts.  Which, hey I'm all for learning  new things that keeps the sex life happy and exciting, and it was refreshing to see it from an older women's perspective and not just a young 20 year old inexperienced thing.  However, Tara is pretty much an inexperienced 20 year old stuck in a 50+ body, having only been with her husband and according to both of them have a very dry and boring sex life.

There were some points where I just rolled my eyes at however. I get that Tara was this little goody two shoes and very religious, but after a while her blabbing on about should she go confess, what will god think, what would others think got annoying. I mean, yes I appreciate her doing some soul searching, but its a smutty book not a self-help one.

I enjoyed that the author included a 'history' of how this club came to be. This was done through a dual narrative with an author sharing his experiences. I really enjoyed the way they painted the lady and man of the club- Ellen Dervoux and Jonathon (can't remember his last name and to lazy to check...sorry).

I did enjoy how it ended, didn't exactly see it coming. Although there was a lot of coming that I did expect, if you know what I mean.... he he he... (so immature at times)

This wasn't your typical erotica book. Yes, it had lots of sex but there was actually a story line where you divested some type of emotion into the characters. That is why Ms. Cooper gets a 4 stars for this book.


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