Monday, February 3, 2014

no football this weekend

Ahh Monday. We meet again.

What did we do to get to here?

Not watch the Super Bowl that's what.  I know, I figured I could just get a pretty picture of what was happening just based on people's twitter and facebook updates. However, if I was one to actually sit down and watch a sport, I would have been cheering for the Seahawks. I think I've been inundated with them this past football season that I feel like I could be their fans. Plus green and blue look so much better on me than orange.  Things to consider when picking a sports team.

Also these Super Bowl commercials win.

What else, we went to the RV show, where we realized how poor we are. I mean, who doesn't need a king size bed, dual sink and pot lights in your trailer.

Still working my ass off. Not sure I really see any difference, but I feel better. I mean, I went to the pub on Thursday, had a burger and beers, and holy felt like a sack of shit after. So good  at the time, but no thanks.

Also started to watch True Detective on HBO. And have to say its not bad. They are only 3 episodes in, so its hard to say if I really like it or not. But looking at Matthew McConaughey for an hour isn't bad (minus when he's a dirtbag)

And according to Google, the coldest temperature ever recorded was -63C! Holy fucking balls. I think your balls would freeze off.

Currently reading:
The Book Club by Mary Alice Monroe
The Opposite of Maybe by Maddie Dawson

I only have about 4 more books on my ARC list! So happy to finally read the rest of the books I've been putting off.

On the blog the past week:
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and now I shall go to work..

 nope no 4 Mondays are made for PROCRASTINATING (27 photos)


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