Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My kind of working out! (and a vent)

I'm at a plateau. Well not really, because that would involve actually loosing some god damn weight. I apologize in advance that this will probably come out as me bitching.  Scroll down to the kangaroo stretching picture if you don't want to read.
As I was saying.  I have been working my ass off, like an hour a day of strength and cardio, having 500-900 calorie burns (according to my HR monitor) and nothing. I've gained weight for fucks sake. And blah blah blah I know that muscle weighs more, but the pants aren't even getting looser. Its super frustrating. Sure I see a bit of a change in my arms, and my thighs feel tonight, but...nothing to scream and shout with pride about.
And don't say that its because of the food. I have been eating super clean, drinking enough water that makes me pee about 5 times/hour (no joke), etc. And logging my calories via myfitnesspal. So I am very conscious of what I'm putting into my mouth.
Things like this just make me want to say fuck it, what's the point? And to go to the workout regime in the first photo. But... ugh...come on... What am I doing wrong? Any tips?

Thanks for listening/reading. I just needed to vent.

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