Monday, February 10, 2014


There is nothing like the Olympics to bring out the nationalist in me. All of a sudden I get to proud to be Canadian, and this sports hater all of a sudden must watch all the sports! Luge! Moguls! Yes!

Its weird. But I think it has something to do with the fact that Canada is kicking major ass!

As of now we have 5 medals!

First off, to Mark McMorris winning a BRONZE in slopestyle snowboarding!

Then the women; Justine and Chole Dufour-Lapointe  brought their a-game in moguls, where we won GOLD and SILVER!

Team figure skating brought Canada's total to 4 winning another SILVER!
 Canadian Trail: Day 2

Then just this morning, Charles Hamelin just won a GOLD in short track speed skating!
Charles Hamelin wins short track gold

Not only have are athletes been doing amazing (and not just the medal winners), They have been putting the effort and heart into it!

Canada has been putting up a lot of fantastic commercials.


oh man, bring on the tears! So proud!

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