Friday, June 13, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: A Journey to the Dark Heart of Nameless Unspeakable Evil: Charities, Hollywood, Joseph Kony, and Other Abominations by Jane Bussmann

A Journey to the Dark Heart of Nameless Unspeakable Evil: Charities, Hollywood, Joseph Kony, and Other AbominationsAfter scriptwriter Jane Bussmann moves to Hollywood, she realizes her day job interviewing celebrities sucks. She goes to Africa in search of a dreamy activist and ends up uncovering Joseph Kony's crimes. - goodreads.

I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

So, my addiction to reading things about Africa is what drew me to request this book.  I had no idea who Jane Bussmann is. Still don't.

I give this book 3 stars. It was funny. She is a very direct, says what you are thinking but know you shouldn't actually say it out loud, kind of person. 

Basically she is a journalist, who writes for gossip magazines, and she wants better for her self. So after seeing how hunky a social activist person, who fights against Kony, is- she decides well, why not? She goes to Uganda and starts getting the inside scoop on what is actually happening over there.

SIDE NOTE: If you are not familiar with Kony, you should watch this video:

I get that this is a one sided video, but it does give a good introduction to who Kony is.
Back to the book.  Jane has no idea what to expect and she goes into it with a "I want to save the world" attitude, and potentially gain a lover idea with her brilliance.
The book all in all, was a decent read. It however seemed to drag on a bit to much for my liking, and I really just wanted her to leave Uganda and get her article published or something. However she turned it into a TV(?) show. I get that her article wouldn't change the outcome, but it couldn't hurt.
I did like the beginning part better too. I think it was hilarious to read about Ashton Kutcher and everything. Maybe this makes me not as deep as I think I am....
3 stars. Would recommend it, as there are some hilarious one liners, but I got the feeling that it downplayed a bit of the seriousness of Kony and all that is happening in Uganda.  So if you want an easy, more comical lesson of what is goign on, then pick it up.

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