Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Professor's Pet by Tara Crescent

The Professor's Pet


Have you ever been dangerously attracted to your professor?

Jake Ballard. He is smug and mocking, but his body is the stuff of epic fantasy. Now, through an unfortunate twist of fate, he holds my smut-filled Kindle in his hands.

I have a decision to make. Can Professor Ballard be my instructor in this world of bondage, dominance, and submission? And, eight weeks later, when my class is at an end, can I walk away from Jake -goodreads

I received this book via netgalley for an honest review.

I enjoyed this book. Hence the 4 stars rating.

It all started when Emily and Jake mistakenly takes each other kindles. He finds out that she has a lot of smutty books on it (I mean, who doesn't) And well enter the professor fantasy.

Emily is intrigued with the BDSM scenes, yet doesn't really know how to approach it. Lucky her, Professor Hotness is into it.  He gives her 8 weeks. If she likes it great, if not, well its been a fun 8 weeks for him. He of course isn't looking for anything serious (as is the common theme of all these books). And I mean, of course after 8 weeks of mind blowing sex, she starts having THE feelings for him. Dun Dun Dun.

I like that she isn't some dumb ass. She questions things. Knows her boundaries, but also know that they may only be a hard limit because she's never tried anything like it before.

There was the right enough of smut in this that it wasn't excessive. There was also the right amount of other story that it wasn't just a sex fest.

Sure it was predictable. I mean, its a erotic romance book. You know whats going to happen.
 But I did like that it was from both Emily and Jake's point of view. I like getting to hear both sides of the story.Things that started to annoy me was that she consulted her inner Magic 8 Ball a bit too often. Its called a conscious my dear.  But really that was it.

Good read. I recommend it if you want a short little erotic tale.

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