Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Goodbye Pink Room by Jane Grayshon

Goodbye Pink Room: Rose's Story
When the words 'You are special' are the most dangerous a little girl can hear Rose grew up in a family where she felt inferior to her brothers and afraid of her mother, who warned her fiercely about men who hid in bushes and did unspeakable things to children. But Uncle George made her feel safe, loved and wanted. Her whole family trusted him - so when he wanted to take Rose off for special treats, her parents were delighted. And so was Rose - but she got puzzled when he wanted to take photographs of her in the nude. Soon he was warning her that she had been very naughty and he could get her into a lot of trouble, so she must keep quiet. Knowing she was special to him, she knew he wouldn't want her to get hurt - even though he did hurt her sometimes. And besides, Jesus was watching over her - and Uncle George was a big part of church life. So what he was doing must be all right, mustn't it -and if it wasn't, Jesus would stop him, wouldn't he? - goodreads

Received an ARC copy via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Hmm. I don't really know where to start with this book.  I guess I'll start out by giving it 3 stars.  The subject matter is gut wrenching. Rose is telling the story of how her Uncle George molests her. It is written by another author through Roses' words and experiences - so at times it is a little choppy and hard to follow at times. But, it also gives you a sense of her innocence (not just from the act of the crime but her age as well). 

Rose is getting sexually molested by her Uncle. At first she is so excited to be given this special opportunity to hang out one on one with her Uncle, just like her brothers.  She wants to be perfect and well behaved so she will be asked to have tea with her again and again.  Until he starts making his moves.  Then she silently prays and prays that it will be okay, and Jesus must be watching over her and putting her through this for the reason.  

The one thing that irked me so much is the reaction from her parents when they find out. Don't go into denial that your brother could do this to your child, don't think she is making it up. Do something about it.  Don't force your child to live with this fear anymore.  Obviously I dont' know the full story of that, but come on... 

I read someone else's review and this stuck out; if a person is brave enough to tell the story, we should be brave enough to read it. And that's exactly why I read these types of stories. It sucks, it makes you want to cry and punch people in the face, but in the end I'm always glad I stuck through it. 

So, on that while I don't suggest you run out and buy this particular book, I do think if you happen to come across it, pick it up and read it.  Yes it is graphic at times, so be prepared. And also be prepared that it is written under the guise of a young girl so the flow of the stories and writing isn't always pleasurable. 

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