Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Listen to the Squawking Chicken by Elaine Lui

Listen to the Squawking Chicken: A Daughter's Blueprint for Life from the Mother Who Thinks She Knows Best
I hadn't heard of this book until my mom gave it to me to read.   I mean, its something I'd probably read though.  I mean for the longest time the ring tone for my mother was the clucking chicken one.

Did I enjoy it? Yes and No.

It definitly had a few to lots of funny stories, none laugh out loud though. Just like "rrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealllly....."

Her mother, aka the Squawking Chicken is a stereotypical Chinese mother who had a very tough upbringing. And what made her better is that she had no filter. She said whatever she wanted, Of course that could make her look like a brat. But underneath her random squawkings, there was some sort of message underneath. Yes, you may have to dig deep to understand it, but still....

I enjoyed the story about all her Feng Shui stuff. Just because her mother told her to eat a papaya a day, she did. That's just awesome.

“That’s what a bitch feng shui and fortune-telling can be. Not only do you have to follow it, you have to fucking enjoy it at the same time.” 

 It also shined some light on some of Asian cultures, which I never really understood.

A no because I am a fan of Lainey's blog. I admit I haven't read it in quite some time, but I remember it being snarky. And I was hoping for more of that snarkiness while reading this. I also expected a bit more laugh out loud moments.

I do recommend this book for someone who wants a light read that doens't require much concentration. And I mean, we all have crazy mothers (stories) who do things that we just smile and nod at and hope to see the message they are trying to portray...

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