Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Museum, Zoo or Library?

This question intrigues me.   If I was stuck for the rest of my life in one of the three above places, which would I pick? I am 28. So with the average lifespan being about 85, that would make me stuck with my decision for 56 years.

With that in mind...I would pick the library.

I know this doesn't sound like a surprise. I mean, this did start of as a book blog.  But here's my reasoning....

56 years is along time to stare at old stuff,  Sure it would be cool to become a genius in all things historical, but I mean I get tired after a couple of hours at a museum. So the museum is out.

 I LOVE the zoo.I LOVE animals. This was definitely a contender. I know I could spend hours upon hours watching the gorillas, but I think I'd get bored. I mean, if I could end up writing some behavioural study on them, then sweet....

I pick the library. Because, think of all that you could learn. You could read all about this historical facts in that the museum would have housed. You could read all about the animals that you would have seen in the zoo.  And assuming that the library restocks with current books, I don't think i could ever get bored. Plus it would definitely help me out with my never-ending To Read list....

Tell me, what would you choose?

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