Monday, September 29, 2014

My first 5km!

If you've seen my instagram (@JustAddChampagne) you've already seen this...

If not, here you go...


I finally ran 5km. Back in early September, my brother in-law and myself were supposed to run a 5k race. Then the snowstorm hit (yes you read that right...snow). Anyways, due to a shit ton of trees being broken and making the path unsafe, they cancelled it. Well postponed it. Until October 19th.

Anyways, ever since Sept 13th when the race was supposed to happen, I haven't ran. And even before that while I was training I never actually ran 5km, always expecting my race to be the first. 

That all changed yesterday, when  after a half ass run on Wednesday, I decided I really needed to get back on the 'training bus'. 

I wasn't even planning on 5km, in my head I just was going to run 20 minutes, if that.

Then I started running, and it felt great. 5, 10, 15 minutes in. Then a quick, maybe 30 second walk- mainly because I despised the song that was playing and had to get the phone out of my sports bra (classy..I know). Then I kept going. My mental distance goals kept getting surpassed. Then finally I heard 35 minutes, 4.69km. Yes! I knew I was going to make it.

The best part was at the end of my normal route, I felt like I could keep going- at least until the lady said "40 minutes". I didn't. ( I mean, lets not ask for to much now.) Instead I pulled out my phone and saw..... 5.15km!


I was so happy when I checked my runkeeper app and it said  38 minutes! So stoked. 

Then I had to walk up the very steep hill to my house to get water......

(I have to thank my  music for carrying me though... usually I listen to like poppy dance music running, but I switched it over to some rock, and well it helped distract me a lot more!)


  1. So proud of you sweetie!! I knew you could do it!!xoxoxo

    1. Thanks baby! You can run with me next time!