Friday, October 10, 2014

Hush by Anne Frasier - BOOK REVIEW

It's criminal profiler Ivy Dunlap's job to unravel the psyches of the most dangerous men alive. None haunts her dreams more than the killer who took her son's life sixteen years ago, then silently disappeared into the dark. Now an urgent request for help from the Chicago police has reawakened Ivy's greatest nightmare. 

The Madonna Murderer has returned to fulfill his calling. This time Ivy understands the killer instinct. She knows what man is capable of. This time she's ready to confront her deepest fear, face-to-face. For the very last time.. - goodreads

(received via netgalley for an honest review)

First... how great is that cover. 

Secondly... I give this book 5 stars. 

The Madonna Murderer has resurfaced (although we don't know why) and Ivy Dunlap is called back into the scene. She is a criminal profiler, and this one hits close to home. As she was one of his victims. 16 years ago.  The MM targets single mothers (who he deems as whore) and baby boys.   She is partnered with Max Irving, homicide detective with a teenage adopted son.  I am SO glad that there wasn't a romantic sideline to this story between the two, sure the novel hinted at it a bit, but it was not the main focus.

The pace was fast, and the character development was very well written. You felt a connection with every person, even those people who only had 3 pages dedicated to them. I know this may sound weird, but my favourite character was the serial killer. I enjoyed how Frasier characterized him and got into his past a little into why he possibly went to this type of lifestyle, definite mother issues.

It was a great read that kept me turning the pages long into the night, which is a huge plus for any thriller type book. I just wanted to know how it would end! Sure it was predictable at times, but also not at all. (How's that for a succinct review?)

Go read this book if you like crime thrillers!


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