Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If I Won The Lottery...

So there is a new little thing going around the blogosphere called #BLOGTOBER14- A Blogging Everyday  in October Challenge, hosted by Taylor for The Daily Tay and Helene from Helene in Between. While I can't promise that I will join in every day, I feel like this a good thing to jump on. 

Especially this topic, as everyone has at some point in their life have talked about it.  And it is my dream to win it, especially without buying a ticket...

"If I Won The Lottery..."

Well for one I would not be sitting here at work that's for damn sure.  I  can say with certainty that if if was a good chunk of cash, I would never ever work in my life again (beside the fact that nobody hires me :( ), but because I would be bored I would probably actually take my masters/phD and study some chimps

I would like to say that the first thing I would do, other than screaming like a crazy person while simultaneously not let anyone know that I won ( I mean, I don't want 'long lost friends' to come out of the woodwork's), I would like to think I'd be smart about it. Like to pay off the debts, the mortgage, things like that.

But lets be honest, that is not going to happen. I'm getting DUUUURUNK.  

Then  I will take a friggen amazing trip.  Maybe go to the Europe tour (as it is pricey and I wouldn't have to sleep in a hostel), then maybe end that with a week or two on the beaches in Thailand.

Then, once I get back home I would then pay off said trip, pay off the debt, the mortgage, probably buy a new house, or buy a cute (and by cute I mean awesome and huge) house in the woods next to a lake, stocked with a few elk for my hubby (aren't I nice...) or a beach home on the ocean.

Then I would go on another trip. TRAVEL ALL THE TIME!

Then to be nice I would obviously buy my dogs some new toys. I mean, I can't expect them to chew on toilet paper rolls all the time (although it would be at least 3-ply paper now). I would probably also get a few more dogs, I mean I'd have the property to have them now.

Then, I would start giving little gifts to family and friends. Not all of them, and I wouldn't just be like 'yo, here's 50,000 - have fun'. Cuz that would just be wasted with hookers and blow.And I ain't down with that. I'd be like "oh mom, here is that cabin you've always wanted", "dad, a new bike". I'd be like Oprah. 

Oh to dream.... 

The Daily Tay


  1. Ugh, I forgot to add "get drunk" to the top of my list! Because, duh! ♥

  2. Found you through the linkup! Yours is by far the most real post I've read haha. Definitely agree with gifts vs a cheque for family!

  3. Triple ply toilet paper - that's the dream! LOL :) Love this list - hilarious and fun!