Friday, November 21, 2014

Resolutions.... more like reso-fails.

With the end of the year coming I decided to take a look at my 2014 New Year Resolutions and see if I've made a dent in them.
new year Berries, send in a photo of your New Years resolution NOW!

So here they were in all there glory:

1) Get to my goal weight. I have been wanting this for the past year and this is the year I want it to actually happen. So, how am I going to make this happen? Signing up for yoga, buying a climbing membership and starting the 30 day challenge from Bodyrock.  Maybe signing up for a 5k/10k?? who knows.
2) Take more photos. I have a great (and expensive) camera, and need to use it. As I was scrolling through the past years pictures, I realized that I barely documented anything and I want that to change.
3) At least once a week do something I've pinned. This could be trying out a recipe, a hairstyle, a craft. Something. Make my time wasting on pinterest worth while.
4) This year I want to start a cookbook and try every single recipe.
5) Finish the laundry room, plant a garden, set up the office. Just finishing projects.
6) Read 100 books. I think I can do this as last year I read 116.  But books I actually want to read, not the ones I've requested on netgalley in a moment of greed that now I feel obligated to read and review them.
7)  Be a better friend.
And how did I do?
1) Well I am still no where close to my goal weight. That's because I go through periods of intense workouts, then I binge eat and drink, then I workout half-assedly (new word, own it). So really... I know its my fault. However... I did do a lot of yoga this year (although I do need to get back into it), I did some challenges (although I always stop around mid-3/4 through for some reason) and I did sign up and run my first 5km! All in all, I think this resolution gets a big check mark.
2) Well... I've taken more pictures of my dogs. Probably a fail for this one.
3) Just no. This didn't happen at all. This will get put onto my 2015 list.
4) I started. And maybe made it through 3 recipes. Again. A Fail.
5) The laundry room is painted purple, but that's about it. The garden...was half-assedly planted. The office- I did wall paper it and semi-organized it. A check mark on this ol' resolution I'd say.
6) I am already at 93 books for the year, so yes I think 100 books is very attainable. Big check mark here.  Oh, wait I read the last half of the resolution. More or less all of those books have been ARCS from netgalley, and more or less none have really stood out more me.
7) Probably could have been better at this too.
The moral:
I did alright. I think I just need to stay focused.  And not give up on things half-way through.
How about you? Live up to your resolutions yet?


  1. I'm right there with you on the 100 book challenge! And you totally beat me. I got about halfway through. My problem is when I have such a big list to read is that I end up picking up other books if my current book isn't piquing my interest anymore and then leaving books halfway read. Do you put down and pick up books or do you just muscle through a book even if it isn't the best?

    Alanna ||

    1. I always go for books that aren't on my list.
      I am the worst for powering through books even if they suck; I really need to trust my gut and just stop, as they rarely turn around to be good!

      Thanks for checking out the blog!