Thursday, January 22, 2015

Currently... the first of the year

Current book:  I m currently reading The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenenegger. (How great is that last name). I 'm not entirely sure if I like it, as its a bit confusing to wrap my head around.  I also keep thinking of the movie the entire time.
Current music:  Haven't really listened to much 'new' music lately. Although while I was making jewellery I did stop on 3 Doors Down, Kryptonite.  It brought back some memories

Current nail colour: Bare. No colour for these nails. 
Current drink:  Coffee. And water.
Current food:  Just finished a plate of scrambled eggs and toast. And will be opening an orange right after I'm done typing. Typical breakfast as of late.
Current wish:  That someone will come and walk the dogs instead of them staring at me.  And whining.

Current bane of my existence:  The icy sidewalks. How is one supposed to walk the dogs? 
Current need:  A job. That is a regular "9-5", "Monday- Friday" decent paying, non-soul sucking. I feel bad that I only have a part-time gig. 
Current triumph:  That I actually sent in an application for a craft fair!

Current guilty pleasure: Friends. All day every day. 
Friends is probably one of the defining TV shows for a generation.

Current procrastination: See current guilty pleasure.  
Current excitement: I am in the zone with the jewellery making business. Go check out Twelve:TwentyThree to see the fruits of my labour.... or something like that. 

Current mood:  Content. I am kinda at ease with the situation, but I would really like a job so it doesn't feel like I lazy. 

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