Sunday, July 26, 2015

Favourite Sunday: My Favourite Movie - Empire Records!

Decided to start a little thing up called Favourite Sundays, where I will post random favourite things....

To start; my favourite movie is…… Empire Records!

 ”Damn the man, save the empire!”
Just one of those movies that I can’t really explain why I like it, I just do.  I think its because I always dreamed of working in a place exactly like that, showing up, hanging out with friends, having fake funerals, shagging sexy Rex in the photocopy room, oh and concerts on the roof…yup. I would have loved to have that job.

27 Extremely Important Life Lessons We Learned From "Empire Records"

So aside from the little points of interests I relayed up top, its basically about a group of employees trying to save the empire from becoming a big chain music store due to Lucas losing a whole bunch of money after closing the store one night, and this all happens on the day Sexy Rex is coming to promote his new album. Ones a slut, ones a skater, one is a suicidal bald headed chick ones a crazy pill popping chick, one is an artist who loves the pill popper and one is just awesome. Great mix of characters.

Plus the soundtrack is pretty amazing!

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