Thursday, December 31, 2015

and then it was 2016....

I can't believe how fast 2015 went. And what a year it was.  The biggest change of course was the introduction of my lil' guy. These past 3 months with him have been by far the best of the year. Every day he changes so much, I am in such awe.

Other highlights:

- finding out we were pregnant

- my Oma turned 90!

- My best friend Kamiey coming for a visit with her husband and in-laws

- a babymoon trip to Vancouver, which entailed seeing U2!  

- camping with the family and celebrating 3 years of marriage.

- attending weddings of my dear friend Laura and my sister in-law Michelle.

- reintroducing Twelve:TwentyThree

I know 2016 will be an exciting adventure in the Just Add Champagne's household!

I hope your 2015 was spectacular and that you have a wonderful New Years Eve!

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