Saturday, January 2, 2016

Obligatory New Year Resolution Post

As with everyone else in blogland, the new year resolution post is making its wave. I figured, why not? It's an easy prompt.

My main resolution this year is to be a great mom.  To be present while H is growing up and not constantly behind the camera lens on my cell phone.

My other main resolution is to get back to pre-baby weight. I am not looking to cut out all the delicious treats (wine included) but I do miss the routine of working up a sweat. The pre-baby weight isn't that far off either and I know its a goal that is attainable. I will be posting on here my progress is well. Accountability I suppose. The first thing I did to obtain this was sign H and up for baby yoga.  It will be good to get out there and stretch and to meet new moms in the areas.

Which leads me to resolution number 3. Be more proactive when it comes to friends and gatherings. I suck at responding to text messages. I mean, I respond in my head but always seem to forget to reply to the sender. I want to work on this.

Resolution number 4 - craft! I am so excited that G bought me a cricut for Christmas, that I am pinning away project ideas like crazy.

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