Thursday, December 17, 2015


Currently Reading: In between naps and feedings, and having regained my mental clarity I am finally picking up a book again.  The winner is Not The Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

Currently Listening To:  I have the Vevo Country channel on in the background a lot. 

Currently Watching: I am re-watching Sex and the City. Currently on Season 5. 

Currently Eating: Keeping it healthy. Actually though. I am eating a banana and a mandarin orange.

Currently Drinking: Tea! My advent calendar of David's Tea has been great for me in discovering new tea other than orange pekoe (which coincidently I did not get to enjoy because my hubby decided to drink that... I'm not bitter... love you). I am loving the Hot Chocolate flavour though!

Currently Exercise: I was honest to god going to go to boot camp tonight, but I did something to my knee the other day and it hurts to bend... However I am sticking to my 30 Day Crunch Challenge.

Currently Needing:  Some more food. I am hungry.

Currently Loving: The fact that we have snow! II know finally feel like its almost Christmas!

Currently Not Loving: That I may have to shovel that snow.

Currently Craving: A glass of red wine. Once the babe is down for the night. The wine is coming out.

Currently Wishing For: A full night sleep. H is doing great with only waking up once, but I wish that it would be straight through sleep.

Currently Grateful For: My lil' family.

Currently Smiling At: The fact that H is growing so fast. He amazes me everyday. 

Currently Looking Forward To: Christmas! 

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