Friday, February 5, 2016

FFF- #2

And just like that we are back to Friday. And as you can tell I haven't really been to busy on the blog. Or in the gym.

I did manage to go to bootcamp on Wednesday night and enjoyed a lovely stretch session at baby yoga on Thursday morning. Other than that, I get a big fail. However, my excuse is that I may have broken my foot.  How you may ask? My dropping a freaking can of shaving cream onto the top of my foot. Yup. Not even a cool story. But it was enough to make my foot very sore and me not really want to shove my foot into a running shoe.

Weekly Weigh In: Still the same. Kinda bummed about this, but really what was I expecting? Didn't really change up the diet to much and didn't work out...

Hopefully there is more to tell next week.

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