Friday, February 19, 2016

FFF #3

I started to really concentrate on what I've been eating this week. I also reintroduced myself to blogilates. I've come to the realization that I cannot just 'go to the gym' (aka our basement). I need a plan to follow. Be it a print out of a work out schedule, DVD or a class. I need people telling me what to do.

Back to blogilates. I use to do it a lot and follow her calendars. It is a pilates based workout, and yes at time it seems a bit juvenile, I do love that each video is no more than 20 minutes. Which works out perfectly as Hunter naps for no more than 20 minutes. I am currently on Day 12- and yes some days I can only get to 1, and then other days I double up on the exercises. But, hey at least I am doing something. Now, I just need to get into some cardio, as that 5km race is coming up really damn fast....

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