Sunday, August 28, 2016

Painting with H - a pinterest success!

I decided to try a craft with H that I've seen on Pinterest a lot - painting with canvas.

It seemed like the perfect rainy day activity, and something different than our normal routine.

Gather the supplies:
 - a canvas
- paint colours of choice
- painters tape
- a ziploc bag
- a creative kid.

I chose a simple design, an "H" for Hunter.  Then I squirted some blobs of paint on  the canvas. When this was done I placed the canvas into the ziploc bag and managed to get paint all over my hands.

Then I let the little artist go to work:


All in all, I think Hunter enjoyed it. It only lasted about 5 minutes once I got the paint in the plastic bag, but that is still 5 minutes of entertainment!

Plus I think the final project turned out pretty cool, I just wished my taping skills were a bit better.

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