Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Harry Potter Birthday!

My little guy turned one just a little while ago, and I of course had to throw a spectacular birthday party for him. The theme: HARRY POTTER! I figured I'd make him have at least one of them (without argument).

The initial invite stated with a traditional (email) letter from Albus Dumbledore himself, encouraging people to dress in party attire (or muggle wear).

And from there... a party blossomed

As always, its all in the details:

Guests had to go through Platform 9 3/4 to arrive at the party. Thats my mom.

Sorting Hat Station
A friendly reminder

Various decorations - House cup colours, Time Turner, House Cup, Hedwig, Sweet pint glasses (which may or not have been ordered for other purposes than this party), Sunglasses from the Quibbler, Wine with appropriate labels)

A collection of all the treat bags!

My mom made these sweet party favour bags

Wands (also made by my mom) and Dumbledore Army's list
A better look at Ollivander's Wand Station and Golden Snitches

The monster book of Monsters, which my BFF made! This was a hit with the kids!

My Owlery - Creepy Demon Owls

A little potion book and some herbs
More herbs for potions

Professor Umbridge's Tea Corner 

The Reading Corner

Have to have the Hogwart's Crest

Photo props and Daily Prophet News Clippings
A great photo prop

Moaning Myrtle, snake leading up to the CHamber's of Secrets, and of course a warning to those Mudbloods that the chamber has been open

Free Doby! 

Photo Collage
The booze - it is a child's birthday party after all

My dad and hubby added this touch - oh yes we moved 3 days after this party!

 The Food:

   For every food item I had, I had a Harry Potter themed word to go with them.

 And another pic of my little guy:

I made his shirt with my Cricut, and thank god for bouncy castles and nice fall days!

It was a fantastic party, and despite how much work it was making sure all the detail was there (And fact checked!) it turned out great! Thanks to everyone who came out that day to celebrate little H turning ONE!

And soon there will be tutorials on how to make things like the golden snitch and the brick wall!

( I also find it ironic that I am wearing the same shirt while I write this blog post...coincidence?)

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