Friday, August 2, 2013

REVIEW of 12 Shades of Surrender

12 Shades of SurrenderThis is an anthology of short stories which I didn’t realize. Again, this is me not reading the synopsis of books prior to purchasing.  However, it wasn’t a waste of money. The blurb on goodreads say something like “if Fifty Shades of Grey has left you wanting more BDSM this is it”. Okay, you all know my feelings towards Fifty Shades of Grey, if you don’t go read my review. But despite that, I still love to read these smutty novels. Something aobut reading about fucking makes it seem so much more sophisticated than watching it. Yah, I went there.
Anyways, its hard to review a short story collection. Obvisouly there were some that were hot and good and wanting them to continue on to a full blown novel. There were some that left you drier than the Sahara desert.  (I may be drinking while writing this... so my apologies of my brashness). Not even desert dry, just bored like I am reading about watching paint dry.

So my favorites... The Envelope Incident, Taste of Pleasure and the Seven Day Load. Take it as you will why these are my favourite. Actually don't. I'm not no whore. I just like to read about it.
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My desert stories: Night Moves and A Paris Affair. And the Paris Affair one was the longest one to boot! Night Moves just had a really stupid storyline- "omg I love trains they make me soooo horny, oh look a random guy caught me getting off, might as well fuck him too, oh we have to depart, oh but I love you.' There I saved you from reading it.

To recap. not Fifty Shades of Grey style- well in some instances it is with the whole dom-sub BDSM thing. But stop comparing books to it. EL James was some lady who hit the dumb luck nail and she shouldn't be profitting anymore.  Good short smutty style stories, some you want more, some were a waste of ink.  Plus it was a good way to be introduced to some authors.

3.5 stars

and 5 stars to my glass of wine. 
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