Monday, December 9, 2013

The start of Christmas visits!

Well I've been MIA for a while.

I really just haven't been all that into sitting down in  front of my computer and writing. Well, actually I just haven't really been at work much.  As much as I dislike the actual job, I love the perks. They may just win the battle of me deciding what to do!

the look of the week(end)- it has been freezing! Like minus 40 with windchill cold!
This week was filled with me starting Christmas shopping, card makings and decorating the Christmas tree!  Plus we started off the Christmas movie watching with a little Love Actually!


December 6th is St. Nicks Day (where you put your boot out and St. Nick fills it with goodies - a little pre-Christmas), and it is G and mine's tradition that we exchange a new ornament each year. It is also becoming a tradition that we don't start decorating the tree until December 6th as well. I know some people start right after American Thanksgiving, but really I always felt not until December 1 can Christmas decorations start adorning our house, plus having a Birthday in the midst of the month, I feel that it should focus on my birth and not glittery reindeer. Although it is really hard to compete with that.

I also wrote two reviews on the blog this week too: Triangles by Ellen Hopkins and The Light Between Oceans by R.L Steadman

The hubs and I decided to drive up to Edmonton to visit some cousins and other family members. It was a very successful trip, spenind a good amount of quality time with everyone! Eating way to much and drinking a little bit! Plus I won at scrabble (one of the two games mind you)!

One of G's cousins just bought one of those things where you stick a strand of hair in and it automatically curls it! Yup! Definitely want one of those! Add it on the Christmas list!

I also decided having a two day weekend is way too fast! How do normal people do it!?!?

How was your weekend? Freeze?

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  1. Great weekend, great write up. Love you view on things babe! Xoxo