Thursday, January 9, 2014

WTF flu?!

I've been having the flu on and off since the week before Christmas.

Its been miserable. I feel amazing one day then wake up the next day feeling like I got hit by a bag full of shit.

So, with H1N1 rearing its ugly head in Calgary, I decided to stop in to the walk-in clinic yesterday.  This is after I just stopped at the vet topic up Luigi's bladder infection medication.... yup my male dog has bad urine. Hopefully this will cure it if not they think it might be kidney cancer... But back to me. I went the the walk-in clinic and thankfully there was no line. Walked right in.

The verdict. Strep throat and the flu. Really? Couldn't just have one hey?

Then I went to get my prescriptions filled and they have run out of the flue medication.... umm thanks guys. I get to go around driving today trying to find a pharmacy that has any in stock... Just what I want to do.

Oh, I also gave myself a black eye yesterday. How you ask? I was sitting at my desk at work when the phone rang, startled by that phenomenom (I swear in the year I've been here its rang maybe 5 times (not including my hubbys call) I reacted quickly, grabbed the phone I guess expecting it to weigh 20lbs (not the .5lb it actually is) and smoked it right in my face... WTF?

Anyways... thanks for listening/reading me complain.

Any flu get better tips?

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