Thursday, July 24, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Houseguest (complete series) by Nora Blackstock

The Houseguest: Complete Series
My husband Paul was gone for the week. Travis, the eighteen-year old son of my best friend, was downstairs in the living room playing video games. I changed into my new bathing suit, the revealing one I bought yesterday with Travis in mind. I looked at myself in the mirror. The small bikini on my hourglass figure left very little to the imagination. The top was designed for a B-cup, not my D size, so it left much of my breasts exposed to either side of the material. The bikini bottom was a small triangle in front, maybe the size of a playing card, cut low. The back of the suit was barely more than a string, hardly covering my behind at all. My heart pounding, I walked down the stairs, gripping the banister to steady myself. Halfway down the stairs I had second thoughts. “It is wrong. He is the son of my best friend.” But then I realized I had been longing for this moment. I suspected Travis had been longing for it also. I threw caution to the wind and descended the stairs - goodreads. 

(via netgalley in exchange for an honest review)

 This  book was decent. 

 The story actually had a decent plot (albeit the weird/taboo premise), there is a lot of build-up for the final climax (pun intended), some of the scenes were enticing too. But some were just plain weird.

Its about an older lady, recently married  who is suddenly getting attention from their new house guest.  Her husband (of only like 6 weeks!) is constantly away on business trips, and young Travis (who is her best friends older son) is staying with her for the summer (while his parents are away on holidays).  

Well Travis likes to masturbate. While thinking of Joyce's big boobies. He likes to do this with the door open. Then he likes to do it while standing in the doorway while she is 'sleeping'.  Joyce only adds fuel to this fire. I mean, I guess she is feeling wanted and whats a little harmless flirting? She buys tiny bikinis, too tight of shirts, leave her undies around, you know normal 'aunt' behaviour. 

Now I'd like to point out the things  that annoyed me and/or creeped me out:

- The constant "auntie" calling. Umm.. First off she wasn't your actual aunt. And its creepy. 

- Every single interaction they had was "yes, I would like some pasta Travis" "sure thing Auntie Joyce"/ "can I get you anything else Travis" "no, I'm good Auntie" - you are the only two in the novel! You don't have to address the person in every single sentence you say to the other! This pissed me off. Like who does that in real life.

-  The whole standing in the dark watching you sleep while masturbating thing. That's just fucked up. 

- Speaking of fucked up, how weird was the tissue scene? 

- How the author repeated lines. I get it Joyce you are proud of your big boobies. if you do say so yourself.

So 3.5 stars.  

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