Wednesday, July 23, 2014


An easy prompt from the girls over at Allieology, The Other Juliette and Cause You Gotta Have Faith (they are doing the blog everyday in July, and well I felt like following this one.  Cause it is easy.


reading:  The 6th Harry Potter (that's the Half Blood Prince for you non HPers out there).  This is probably about the 8th time I've read it. And yup, still so good.

writing:  This blog post. I am also writing up some meeting minutes.... Hopefully I don't get those confused.

listening: the same ol' boring radio station. I swear if they play Fancy one more time today, the radio is going out the window.

thinking: where are my damn Kleenexes.

smelling: Not a thing. My nose is so plugged up, the only thing I can really smell is boogers. If they have a smell.

wishing: that I am not feeling like a sicko by the time the weekend hits. 

hoping: that camping with my Oma (whose 89!) goes well this weekend. No broken hips or the likes.

wearing: a teal tank-blouse, a grey cardigan and some navy blue skinnies.

wanting: A cup of coffee. For free. 

loving: the amount of camping we have done this summer!

needing: some more day-quil. IV me up!


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  1. A DayQuill IV sounds awesome. I was sick last week so I completely understand! Your outfit sounds super cute :)