Monday, July 28, 2014

Never Ever Will I....

Usually when I play the Never Ever Have I Ever game, I end up drunk. So if these came up, I for once would not be taking a shot..

1) Run a marathon. I can barely run a 5km. I know I could train for it, but I just never see myself wanting to.

2)Become a vegetarian. Been there, done that, didn't last. Plus my husband is a hunter,, and well I'm just to lazy to cook two meals.

3) That being said, I can almost 100% say I will never shoot an animal. On purpose.

4) In all honesty, I will probably never fit back into my lovely size 2 jeans. Its been like 10 years. I think its safe to say I ain't going to get there.

5) Buy a dog and 'walk it' in a purse.

Anything that you will never do?

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