Tuesday, September 9, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Pleasure Dial: An Erotocomedic Novel of Old-Time Radio by Jeremy Edwards

The Pleasure Dial: An Erotocomedic Novel of Old-Time RadioBronze Medalist, 2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards. [Note: Contains explicit adult language and situations.] The year is 1934, and amiable New York gag writer Artie Plask has taken the West Coast plunge. His first day on staff with a top radio show introduces him to the irresistible Mariel Fenton, a wit among wits who immediately takes an interest in all aspects of Artie's life--especially his private life. As Artie finds his feet in a world of blustering comedians, pansexual sex goddesses, timid screen legends, exhibitionistic scriptwriters, and self-infatuated geniuses, Mariel leads him on a zany journey up and down the pleasure dial--a giddy romp through Hollywood that's chock-full of airwaves showdowns, writing-room counterplots, devious impersonations, naked meetings, and a sensuality-drenched assortment of erotic escapades

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(received through netgalley in exchange for an honest review)

First off. I did not like this book; hence me only giving it 1 star.

Why? Sure, some of the sex scenes were hot and enticing, but that's a long stretch. The book was only 170 pages, and about halfway I was skimming through the pages looking for the next romp session.  I could care less about the side story. 

And the side story: A bunch of radio writers are fired, and the free loving (and naked loving) daughter of the radio host is sad that she wont' be able to enjoy the writers time (and penises). So, they end up making a radio show for her. But first they need to create a promotional company- manequins!. 
There just seemed like to much going on; and I really couldn't care.

Admittingly, I did enjoy some of the banter between Artie and Mariel; I felt like they actually had a connection. 

So... I don't recommend this book. There are so many other books that are much better to waste your time with.

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