Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Best & Worst Vacation

The lovely Blogtober14 prompt for today is Best and Worst Vacations.

If you take anything away from me, other than my love of champagne and books, is that I love to travel. I will jump at any opportunity to go to another country, immerse myself in the culture, and live. I get some people think I am just a city girl, but how many of you can say you've showered in a bucket before? Exactly.

Without further ado....

My BEST vacation:

I think my best vacation would have to be my 3 month foray in Thailand/Laos/Borneo with G. It was the first time travelling together, and we were in paradise. The beaches. The ocean. The heat. The monkeys. The orangutans. The snorkeling. The cheap food.  Loved it.


Ghana. I have always wanted to go to Africa, and the chance of going to Ghana came up while I was working on my primatology degree. Loved it.

My WORST vacation:

This is a hard thing to come up with. I mean. I love travelling. I just love getting out and about, and I can't pinpoint any vacations that are the WORST. There are some trips that definitely had some low points.

1) In Laos when I got extremely sick.  maybe. Lesson learned: be cautious of street food. (Still loved the rest of Laos though, just not that day)

2) Krk,Croatia. Not the country. Not the company, you were awesome Jenn! The host.  Definitely the worst host ever. Made the time there a little tainted, so I'm glad we realized that and moved to better things that Croatia offered.

3) Las Vegas trip #2. I love the Vegas don't get me wrong.  But when there are too many people to coordinate things, it makes it suck. Especially when you aren't staying at the same hotel and feel obliged to do certain activities.

The Daily Tay


  1. 100% agree about too many people in Vegas. Always hard to do what you want and what other people want. Your best vacation sounds awesome.

  2. I am so jealous of your 3 month vacation and where you spent it is even better!
    Stopping by from the Blogtober link-up :)