Monday, October 6, 2014

Things I Told Myself When I Started Blogging

I kind of just started blogging on a whim. I had no goals to get rich and internet famous. I just liked writing. My first blog was just a bunch of random pictures and thoughts I found and wanted to share. Then it turned more into a travel documentation. Then it morphed into a book blog. Then this.  So I really don't have anything that I wish I told myself.  Just to keep writing what makes you happy.

I started this blog just to write. Its my hobby. If I don't have time for it every single day. Oh well. It's not my full time job (yes it would be great if it was...but, the lack of ambition I have to work towards things get in the way of that). If you got nothing to say, don't. Or just post a pretty quote picture.

However, I guess this was my thought process when I first decided to write.

- That I could get money doing this
- That involves putting a lot of effort into it.
- Writing about my life, sweet.
- You mean people don't care about my life?
- Follower's will come
- Oh, that requires me to comment and stuff.
- Ok
- Guess I am commenting and reading other blogs to compare
- Shit, my life is boring.
- Do I really want/need to share details about my personal life.
-- Write what you would want to read.
- Write how you talk.
- Never use comic sans as a font.

On a side note:
One thing that really irks me in the blogging community is how many posts there are about how blogging is so hard. .I understand it is a lot of work if you want it to, but it is a blog.  For the most part people started blogging out of interest. Yes, you have to put time into it if you want the internet glory and to have the satisfaction that you have more than 30 readers per post. But don't feel like its the end of the world if you have to take a break, go on vacation, not have any scheduled posts.... it's gonna be okay. People will come back and read your posts.

And cue the hate comments...
(please don't actually though)

The Daily Tay


  1. had a giggle at your post! so true!

  2. So very true. Blogging is only one part of life, not your whole life. REAL life is much more important than blog life.

  3. Comic sans, I remember using that font to death in middle school! Good advice - don't go back to it!

  4. I actually totally agree with you on the last part! It's amazing how frequently people complain about blogging when it should be something people do for fun!