Friday, November 6, 2015

Welcome Back!

I know I've been pretty vacant on here. Almost 2 months exactly. But I have a wonderful reason for my absence.

I had my beautiful baby boy! Hunter Zayden came into the world on September 19th.

It has been quite the 7 weeks that's for sure.

From learning how to breastfeed to learning how to swaddle, all while being exhausted.

Motherhood is no joke.

Don't get me wrong. It is amazing and I never would have thought I could feel such love towards another human being. But it is hard. And I feel like all of the books, posts and pins that I've read could never have prepared me for it.  Also, the constant advice. I could not have prepared for that. I think the best advice was "don't listen to other people's opinions'.  Which I am finding to be true because everyone has something that worked for there kid and they are 100% against the other method, that may have worked for your other friend.

So my advice... take everything with a grain of salt.  Hunter responds well to some methods of calming down and not others. Then sometimes the other method works the next day. So, do whats best.

Anyways... the lil' munchkin is waking up.

Until next time, peace xo