Saturday, September 10, 2016

Currently... September edition

Currently Reading: Starting to re-read Harry Potter, in time for H's first birthday party. 

Currently Listening To:  the sweet sounds of the ocean via the sleep sheep.

Currently Watching:   Just started getting into the show The Night Of.

Currently Eating: Just finished snacking on a coconut greek yogurt.

Currently Drinking: Pepsi. Which is weird of me, as I usually don't drink pop. 

Currently Exercise: I am sad that I just finished my last day of Orange Theory Fitness the other day. They just don't have a gym where we are moving to. I should do a post about it though, as I did enjoy it.

Currently Needing:  Some more food. I am hungry.

Currently Loving:  that fall crispness in the air

Currently Not Loving: All the packing I have left

Currently Craving: A DQ blizzard for some reason. Must be because I got coupons in the mail.

Currently Wishing For: All of H's teeth to pop out...  teething is a bitch.

Currently Grateful For: My lil' family.

Currently Smiling At:  Tobi.  He is playing with a toilet paper roll like a dweeb.

Currently Looking Forward To: The new house. Hunter's first birthday party! Not looking foward to all the packing and cleaning up though.

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